Committee 2018/2019

Executive committee

President – Emelia Cole

Rowing history: Emelia first joined MUBC in 2015, but rowed for 5 years before coming to Manchester. As a junior Emelia has rowed for GB, competing in GB v France, represented England in the International Home Regatta, and won HWR. As a member of MUBC Emelia has had great success as a member of the 1st Women’s 4+ that went on to reach the semi-finals of Henley Women’s Regatta in 2016.

Favourite night out: I love a night out in Factory. You need to have average expectations for the night, get really drunk and then dance to 3 different types of music, plus it’s close enough to run home.

Currently lifting in the gym: I don’t lift big weights anymore, maybe I’ll start again next year

Pre-race rituals: N/A

Unknown fact: N/A

Secretary – Ruby Jordan

Rowing history: Ruby has been rowing for 5 years, 3 years at Bedford Rowing Club and 2 years at MUBC. Her highlights have been competing in a Bedford quad at British Junior Championships at Eton Dorney and racing WeHoRR.

Favourite night out: Motherfunkers at Antwerp

Currently lifting in the gym: The same as Michaela

Pre-race rituals: Flask of tea and pesto pasta

Unknown fact: I fell in, in a single, at Bedford in front of Helen Glover 

Treasurer – Miles McEwen

Rowing history: Miles joined MUBC in 2016 and was last years Men’s Captain. His rowing career began at  Bedford Modern School in 2011 where he brought back gold from Marlow Regatta and Schools Head, and medalled at National School’s Regatta. He peaked when he was 16, it’s all been downhill since

Favourite night out: A nice sweaty Warehouse Project (all my nights out are sweaty anyway)

Currently lifting in the gym: I can barely lift myself out of bed

Pre-race rituals: N/A

Unknown fact: I love rowing and I’m actually really clever

Squad Captains

Performance CaptainCeline Vine

Rowing history:  Celine joined MUBC as a novice in 2016 and quickly took the stroke seat of the top novice boat. Sitting at stroke Celine led her crew to all major races including BUCS Regatta and WeHORR. Her proudest achievement is proving people wrong by qualifying for HWR.

Favourite night out: AU at Revs

Currently lifting in the gym: Novices

Pre-race rituals: Eat sweets

Unknown fact: I’m super competitve, just silently in my own head.

Senior Men’s Captain – Francis Heylen

Rowing history: Francis rowed for 4 years at St Ives before joining MUBC in 2017. His proudest achievement is stroking the quad to victory at White Rose Head

Favourite night out: Warehouse Project

Currently lifting in the gym: 100

Pre-race rituals: Coffee

Unknown fact: I lost to a girl in my first ever regatta (Sudbury regatta) when I was 13 and then took 3 years out to get over my defeat 

Senior Women’s Captain Rowena Bailey

Rowing history: Rowena has been rowing for 4 and a half years and learnt to row at Weybridge RC with Emelia. Her proudest achievement is “learning” to footsteer for HWR in 2 months.

Favourite night out: Motherfunkers – have only ever been to two AU nights, sorry!!

Currently lifting in the gym: Not enough – my upper body isn’t big enough to make me feel self-conscious yet

Pre-race rituals: Soreen and chatting way too much rubbish on the start line

Unknown fact: Cows are my favourite animal

Novice Men’s Captains – Danny Crofton & Josh Steward

Danny Crofton

Rowing history: Danny learnt to row last year and raced in the Novice Men’s first boat throughout the year. His best memory is an incident with a bridge at York Small Boats Head.

Favourite night out: Club meals (Christmas and Curry)
Currently lifting in the gym: Squat 130kg. Nothing else matters.

Pre-race rituals: Slap my ass and thighs.

Unknown fact: I chat so much that everyone knows everything by now.

Josh Knight Steward

Rowing history: Josh learnt to row with us last year. His proudest achievement is how much he’s trained in his own time and improved over the year.

Favourite night out: AU of course

Currently lifting in the gym: The only lift that matters is bench and that’s at 135kg

Pre-race rituals: I don’t believe in it. You ever see a lion limber up before it takes down a gazelle?

Unknown fact: I tell people I’m 5’7″ but actually I’m 170cm so I just round up

Novice Women’s Captain – Vicki Roberts

Rowing history: Vicki started rowing in year 12 at school but only did it for a term, she then started last year at UoM. Her biggest achievement was stroking the Novice Women’s 1st 8+ at BUCS Regatta.

Favourite night out: AU of course! And 42’s

Currently lifting in the gym: Squats – 60-70kg Rom deadlifts – 50kg Hip thrusts – 50kg deadlifts – 60-70kg chest press – 30kg

Pre-race rituals: Choccy milk, make sure my heads in the boat & big boat group hug

Unknown fact: I have grade 8 in singing and have never done a sport properly before rowing

Coxes’ Captain Emma Leverton

Rowing history: Emma started rowing in Year 8 at SWPS and learnt to cox at the end of Year 9. She has spent the past 6 years coxing, and has rowed and coxed many races including Schools Head and National Schools Regatta. Emma enjoys seeing crews develop over the year, leading to them (hopefully) performing well at races.

Favourite night out: Love a cocktail night, rowing socials/AU, Antwerp, and a cheeky night in

Currently lifting in the gym: Sadly nothing

Pre-race rituals: Looking over my race plan and the course for the 100th time! Going over individual and crew technical focuses, from my long lists of many trips down to watch ergs.

Unknown fact: N/A

Auxiliary Committee

PR Secretary – Alice Peachey

Rowing history: Alice joined the club in September 2015 as a novice and has been a part of winning crews at both regattas and head races. In her Novice year she came 8th and 9th at BUCS Regatta in the novice 4+ and 8+. Last year she juggled her position  as Women’s Captain with extensive training that earned her a seat in the 4- that qualified at Henley Women’s Regatta.

Favourite night out: Anything at Antwerp – it will never be the same R.I.P

Currently lifting in the gym: Everything

Pre-race rituals: Pasta and Bumble – BUCS Regatta is a goldmine – I am PR Sec after all

Unknown fact: I take improving relations very seriously

Fundraising Secretary – George Crowder

Rowing history: George has been rowing for two years and his proudest achievement is that he is yet to capsize a single.

Favourite night out: 42s

Currently lifting in the gym: Expectations

Pre-race rituals: Always touch wood.

Unknown fact: I’m half Danish

Social Secretary – Freddie Barnes

Rowing history: Freddie has been rowing since 2014, and his proudest achievement is a gnarly 360 front flip he did while catching an ejector crab back in the Summer of ’15

Favourite night out: I may be biased but I suspect every MUBC social this year will be second to none

Currently lifting in the gym: Other people’s self-esteem mostly

Pre-race rituals: Can’t beat a few good thigh-slaps and a jelly baby

Unknown fact: I was once in a high speed car chase

Training Camp Secretary – Amy Judge

Rowing history: Amy has rowed casually for 2 years on and off for a club at home, and restarted when she joined Manchester. She made some fantastic progress last year, especially during regatta season.

Favourite night out: AU obvs, curry night is a classic

Currently lifting in the gym: Probably not enough; treating summer as a time for rest and recuperation

Pre-race rituals: Eat lots of soreen and have about 127296 nervous wees

Unknown fact: I did judo for 6 years and was working on my brown belt before I gave up. I can also move my eyeballs in different directions to one another

Health and Safety Officer – Felix Rummel

Rowing history: Felix has rowed for 3 years and managed to break an erg by pulling too hard.

Favourite night out: Turtle Bay or bowling

Currently lifting in the gym: Myself off the floor after ergs.

Pre-race rituals: Visualisation of the race or a sip of chocolate milk

Unknown fact: Have taken my erg on road trips

Participation Officers – Lucy Loughlan & Katy Billington

Lucy Loughlan

Rowing history: Lucy learnt to row at MUBC last year and made it into the Senior 1st 8+ at WeHoRR.

Favourite night out: Antwerp </3 and AU fancy dress nights
Currently lifting in the gym: Student athlete: did you say grind? The grind never stops, everyday hustle, only thing i’m chasing, is my dreams. Psalms 8:15

Pre-race rituals: I’m unusually quiet before a race and crack my knuckles and neck on the start line

Unknown fact: what do you want to know?

Katy Billington

Rowing history: Katy learnt to row with us last year and made it into the 1st Senior Women’s 8+ at WeHoRR. Her proudest achievements are completing WeHoRR, and not getting disqualified in the novice quad at BUCS Regatta after 3 weeks of training.

Favourite night out: Can’t beat fancy dress at AU

Currently lifting in the gym: 100kg ++++

Pre-race rituals: Chocolate milk always, a panic pee, Haribos

Unknown fact: So…. me and Lucy are actually biologically related, my dad is her dads first cousin… but we like to keep it on the DL 

Participation and Wellbeing Officer –Chloe Townsend-Williams

Rowing history: Chloe learnt to row with us last year. Her proudest moment was coming second at White Rose Head in the Novice A boat…. and qualifying for the C final at BUCS regatta- which we were chuffed with considering we were all shorter than our cox

Favourite night out: AU when it’s at Revs….and Hidden at the start and end of every semester

Currently lifting in the gym: I thought rowing would prepare me for anything, but there are 50yr old women stronger than me in my BodyPump classes 🙁 ( 75kg back squat)

Pre-race rituals: Whine about how scared I am. Take one last sip of water and swash it around my mouth in hope that it won’t dry up mid race… (from a girl who can’t complete a 2k erg without a sip of water)

Unknown fact: I can block my nostrils with my lips