Training Camps

Training Camp in Chester 2018

MUBC’s annual training camp took us a whole 40 minutes away from our home in Sale to the tropical climate of Chester. We were hosted by Grosvenor Rowing Club, making use of the wide, open river and their fantastic facilities. Our athletes gained a week of vital experience of rowing on a wider stretch of water than we are used to, whilst also having to contend with stronger weather conditions and flowing stream. The weather rewarded us for staying so local on the first day by attempting to flood the river, but having all passed their swim tests, our athletes were scared of nothing.

Luckily the weather improved throughout the week, as did (coincidentally) the whole club’s rowing. The senior and novice squads all trained together to provide a solid platform and transfer of knowledge to the novices, as well as forcing the seniors to set a strong example with good technique. All the athletes were split between big and small boats across different sessions to again reinforce solid technique. Boat skills gained in the smaller boats could then transfer into the bigger crews. As the week progressed the squads split into their respective crews to get some quality time rowing together, building towards BUCS Regatta with some practice 2k runs.

Our athletes were treated to three delicious hot meals a day to power us through the week courtesy of Amanda from Stein’s Catering. The food was delicious and really made a positive impact on our week and the intensity of training that we were able to maintain!

The club would like to extend a huge thanks to Grosvenor RC for hosting us, Stein’s Catering for their delicious food and to The University of Chester for our accommodation! Also final thanks go to John, Josh, Kat and Miles for coaching us throughout the week!

Check out the photo album on our Facebook page.