Manchester Great Run 2018

On the Sunday 20th May, MUBC’s rowers took part in the 15th Annual Great Manchester Run. The event was used to commemorate nearly a year since the attack that took place in Manchester last May. This year we were fundraising for our partner charity FOP Friends who carry out some incredible work into Fibrodyaplasia Ossificans Progressiva. The condition means that bone forms in muscle and connective tissue; eventually rendering those with the condition unable to move.
Our University’s ‘Purple wave’ was the largest assembly of students at the running event with over 2500 taking part.

The run began at Portland Street taking us out to Chester Road and Manchester United’s Old Trafford Stadium.
A few people struggled with the heat but it didn’t seem to affect our quickest man Bertie (Men’s Vice-Captain) and our quickest women Lucy, who started rowing this year. They were helped by the thousands of supporters.

We are very grateful for all your donations.