Race Reports

BUCS Regatta 2018

May Bank Holiday weekend saw 47 of our athletes compete in the largest student regatta. The weather was the best BUCS Regatta had seen in a number of years, with temperatures rarely dropping below twenty degrees. Everyone was out building up some questionable tan lines.

Saturday was extremely successful with Champ Lightweight Peter Zelinka bringing home Gold for the third time. The first day also showed that we have some promising future talent within the ranks, with Eva Barrellon-Kendall taking home Bronze in the WB1x. Saturday saw one women’s boat competing in WInt4x and the men competing in four categories including MInt8+, MB4+ and MInt4x. Felix Rummel finished 19th after winning his D final. After a successful first day everyone was looking forward to what the busiest day would bring.

Peter Zelinka’s bringing home gold again at his very last BUCS
Karolis Ven’s very first race in a single

Sunday was a strong day for the Novice Women with the WB4x and WB4+ A boat both coming 21st in their respective categories. The sun didn’t let up but this didn’t stop the men’s intermediate double coming third in their D final. Sunday also proved a successful day for the Novice Men who won their final.

Two days of sunny weather meant that everyone was in high spirits going into the third and final day. The Novice Women were ready to smash their time trial in the WB8+. They put in a good time which landed them in the C final. Emily Harding, their cox and our president, was very impressed with their technical ability which manifested itself in the boat finishing 18th out of 32 crews. The men’s intermediate quad also had a successful day – finishing 17th.

Novice Women’s 4+ (Vicki Roberts, Elena PM, Chloe Townsend-Williams and Lucy Loughlan)
Men’s 4x – Bertie Gregory, William Bland, Felix Rummel and Francis Heylen

BUCS Regatta 2018 saw improvements from last year’s results in almost every category. Although improving on last year’s results, the Women’s squad came away slightly disappointed but determined to up the intensity of training, and turn the slight set back into a success at Henley Women’s Regatta. Both squads now turn their attention to Reading and Henley where they will be competing in Reading Amateur Regatta, Henley Women’s Regatta and Henley Royal Regatta.

Senior women’s 8+

The club want to say a massive thank you to Nottingham & Union Rowing Club and Calum McManus for accommodating us in their boathouse over the weekend. We also want to thank everyone involved in the organisation and running of BUCS Regatta. Everyone that competed from MUBC would also like to give a special thanks to Thomas Davies for driving the tipper, John Impey for the coaching and support he has given throughout the year, Emily Harding and Lizzie Davidson for organising the whole weekend and driving us there, and also Sebastian Baylis for driving the minibus. It was the last time that Peter will be racing for Manchester and we wish him the best at European Champs.  If it hadn’t been for the hours everyone has dedicated BUCS Regatta would not have been the success it was. Full results are listed below.
MCLwt1x – 1st
WB1x – 3rd
MInt1x – 18th
MInt8+ – 23rd
WInt4x – 27th
MB4+ – 29th

WB4+ – 21st
WB4x – 21st
MInt2x – 20th
MB8+ – 31st
MInt4+ – 26th
WInt8+ – 28th

WB8+ – 18th
MInt4x – 17th
WInt4+ A – 24th
WInt4+ B – 36th
MB1x – 53rd

Senior men’s 8+ boating
Novice Women’s 8+ boating