Race Reports

Henley Royal Regatta 2014

Henley Royal Regatta, a wretched hive of scum and villainy, marks the culmination of a long season as well as the end of my time at Manchester University. Following some good results during head and early regatta season the men’s squad were¬†feeling ¬†confident and were really cracking on despite the loss of a couple of key men for various reasons both the first and second 8s were in good shape, with four men from the first crew also doubling into the quad. The second eight, buoyed by the recent refurb of their boat and blades, were clocking some impressive times. There was also a novice four entered to show what all the fuss was about!

Now for qualifiers, for the first 8, just a case of “pressing play” and delivering a recorded performance, qualification was assured. For the 2s: missing out was a great shame. However with a lot of inexperience in the boat they will come back stronger. The 4x, for those interested in sculling (whoever you are!) also delivered, looking smooth and casual as they pulled away from the rest of the qualifying crews. An MUBC crew into Thursday, well done boys!

The draw, the cruel mistress of the event this year spat out Cornell A for the 8 and Rudern, Tennis und Hockey Club Bayer Leverkusen and Ruderverein Berlin v.1878, Germany (pronounced perfectly by the commentator of course)  for the 4x. After establishing that the 4x were indeed racing rowers and not hockey or tennis players and that Cornell A were undefeated varsity lightweights, we were set to race.

Off the start we grabbed a few feet however the calibre of our opposition showed through as they gradually pulled out a length lead. Through the second half we held the form but finished 2 lengths down. It took the full might of Brooks A to finally beat these upstart Yanks (though by only 1/2 a lenth) on Saturday. After a drubbing for the quad by the German’s, in what were some very tricky conditions, it was decided we’d had some tough draws.

Id just like to say best of luck to all returning next year, keep moving on. Also a huge thanks to Mackett our head coach as well as all those who’ve helped out throughout the year. Lastly a huge good luck to Alex Simpson, our resident man mountain, who in an attempt to avoid doing a 2k is currently on some madcap scheme rowing across the Indian Ocean!

Simon Moss was president of MUBC between 2012 and 2014 and represented the club at HRR on three occasions.

The eight consisted of, from bow to stroke, Jamie Gordon, Jake Brown, Michael ‘Jonah’ Jones, Simon Moss, Sam Thornton, Tim Skelly, Ben Coverdale, Jack Roe. Coxed by Emma Carter.

The quad consisted of, from bow to stroke, Ben Coverdale (Steering), Michael ‘Jonah’ Jones, Jake Brown, Sam Thornton.