Race Reports

Head of the River Race 2022

The final race of the 2022 head season witnessed the MUBC mens’ squads take on the Championship Course on the river Thames. Starting from Chiswick Bridge and ending at Putney Bridge, the 6.8 km piece was a gruelling test of both the boys’ technical ability and fitness which had been developed since the start of September. But more importantly, HoRR22 became a celebration of the hard work and commitment both squads had put in over a very long winter.

Off the back of NoEHoRR the week prior, the senior men’s VIII had narrowed down both their technical and power focuses for given sections of the race. A controlled start at Chiswick allowed the first half of the piece to feel relaxed yet poweful. Under Hammersmith Bridge, the final 2 km ramp up commenced in which the pain truly set in. Composure was maintained throughout. After crossing the finish line it could be seen the boys had given it their all, showcasing a race to be proud of after months of committed training.

For the novice men, a single VIII was entered after careful selection based on training and attitude shown over the past months. Both excitement and anticipation for what would be the boys’ longest race was considerable. Yet, on the Thames a focused composure was maintained to create the best performance the boys could give. The experience gained for the novice men was immense, and for stepping into a boat for the first time only 6 months prior, HoRR22 was a true celebration of the techniques learned, fitness developed, and friendships made within the squad.

A massive thank you to Furnivall Sculling Club for being such wonderful hosts for MUBC during the event, and of course to all of the club’s supporters who came to cheer the boys on!

  • Senior Men’s VIII: 41st University Category (135th overall)
  • Novice Men’s VIII: 12th Beginner Category (243rd overall)

With tradition, here is a small BTS gallery of the boys’ time in Hammersmith:

Photos taken by Mike Walmsley, Matthew Layton, and Matthew Baker.