2021 Review

Thank you to everyone who supported us over 2021! Everyone at MUBC very much looks forwards to an eventful 2022.

Senior Men’s Squad

An absolutely incredible year for the boys. From the uncertainties of winter lockdown to qualifying for Henley, the commitment and resilience of the squad has truly paid of. Here’s to an even bigger 2022!

Senior Women’s Squad

A truly impressive year for the girls, their medalling glory at every competing event this year from BUCS Regatta through to Head of the Lune is a testimony to the girls’ enthusiasm and diligence during training. Enjoyment, ambition, and togetherness is at the heart of this squad. MUBC is very excited to see the continued success the girls’ ethos brings in 2022.

Novice Men’s Squad

Armed with their yellow bucket hat free speed, the squads’ high ambitions were revealed right from their iconic medalling debut at BUCS Regatta. The motivation provided by supportive friendships within the squad has propelled the boys through the difficulties of the pandemic. Novice Race Day demonstrated the continuation of a highly determined squad. It will be exciting to see what new highs 2022 brings.

Novice Women’s Squad

From winning their final at BUCS Regatta to being crowned champions at Novice Race Day, the girls have gone from strength to strength. Picking up a new sport in the midst of the difficulty caused by the pandemic is no mean feat, and the squad’s success is a testament to the dedication shown by the girls over the past year. MUBC very much looks forward to witnessing continued success into 2022.

Coxing Squad

Whether rain or shine, icey winter or hot summer, backsplashed or dry, our coxes are some of the most dedicated members of our club, playing a vital role from crew organisation to race planning. Massive thank you to everything you guys have done and MUBC cannot wait to be back training with you in 2022!