Race Reports

Novice Race Day 2021

The final race for MUBC in 2021 saw the much awaited debut of both the new men’s and women’s novice squads. Dedicated training during the previous 8 weeks of MUBC’s Learn To Row programme had culminated in the formation of some very high calibre novice crews who were keen to put into practice all they had learned. Runcorn’s wintry stage was set for what became a very important and fun first racing experience for MUBC’s 4 novice coxed eight crews.

Division One: The Novice Men

With boat rigging complete, the boys were first to take to the water to showcase their new skills. The 750m course did not phase their frame of mind, with the 2 eights putting in very strong and clean performances throughout. Respectable 2nd and 5th places were achieved. Massive well done boys! The experience gained has undoubtedly fuelled ambitions for the future.

Division Two: The Novice Women

Some very unexpected snowfall certainly provided an extra challenge for the girls as they took to the water in the afternoon. Though not even the added cold and wetness could distract their 2 crews. Their focus saw them dominate division two, placing 1st and 2nd after consecutively clean pieces. Huge congratulations girls!

Incredible effort from all of MUBC’s novices during their FIRST ever race last week in Runcorn. The foundations of a very exciting 2022 season have definitely been laid.

MUBC Novice Squads Winter 2021

Many thanks as always to Liverpool University Boat Club for organising such a fun event!

Photos by Colm McDaniel, Matthew Layton, and Matthew Baker.