Committee 2021/22

This year’s committee aims to build on the successes of the past year and expand MUBC’s ambitions to provide the most competitive, inclusive, and enjoyable rowing season for all of the club’s members. Here there can be found brief biographies and contact details for all of the 14 committee positions.

President: Matthew Layton

“I’m a PhD student studying regenerative medicine. I learnt to row in 2014 at Imperial College London where I did my undergraduate degree, joining MUBC 2 years ago when I moved to Manchester to complete my PhD. I am currently researching how to utilise 3D bioprinting to help repair nerve injuries.”

Contact: [email protected]

Secretary: Rob Mercer

Hi, my name is Rob and I’m studying Politics and Modern History. I learnt to row with Manchester in my first year and the sport quickly became a big part of my university life. I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy some great times with MUBC be it Henley, BUCS, or socials. My aims for the year are to work on plans that will help sustain the club’s development for the future. We had some fantastic results last summer, now it’s time to work on creating the same opportunities for new coming athletes in the years to come.”

Contact: sec[email protected]

Treasurer: Miara Pipe

“Hey y’all, my name is Miara Pipe and I am MUBC’s Treasurer. I am studying/suffering through my course of Economics and Politics, alongside rowing at MUBC for my 4th year in a row now. This year I cannot wait to race with the rest of the Senior Women at WeHORR and (fingers crossed) Women’s Henley! Think one of my favorite MUBC memories was our training camp to Portugal in my first year, and for this upcoming year I want myself and the rest of committee to continue providing an inclusive and fun environment for all rowers! Just a wee fun fact about me, I am bilingual, so you might catch me gossiping with fellow SW rower/cox extraordinaire Nicole in Spanish every now and again!”

Contact: [email protected]

Performance Captain: Frankie Austin

“Hi I’m Frankie, I’m in my third year studying Geograpghy. I used to do swimming and cross country before uni. I started rowing 2 years ago as a novice, spent 2 years unable to do a race and then got gold at BUCS regatta last year (my first race). My main objective is to create an all inclusive club where everyone feels welcome and are given equal opportunities. As a fun fact I was speed walking champion in year 7, 8 and 9.”

Contact: [email protected]

Press Relations & Fundraising Secretary: Matthew Baker

“Hi I’m Matthew! Currently I am reading Chemical Engineering in my final year at Manchester, enjoying rowing as a nice break from the stress of studies. I learned to row at the club as a novice and have since loved being a part of the inclusive and passionate family which is MUBC. The opportunities to compete in BUCS Regatta 2021 and campaign for HRR21 qualification, both in some very special crews, have definitely been particular highlights for me at rowing. As PR sec my primary aim is to simply convey the passion and dedication of MUBC’s members over a variety of media, meanwhile focusing on securing long term external funding to support the club. Fun fact: I fist bumped Matt Pinsent on a launch at Henley.”

Contact: [email protected]

Safety & Equipment Officer: Tegan Pooley

“Hi, I’m Tegan, a third-year Biomedical student. I joined the club as a novice in my first year of uni, making this my third year at the club. I have had some great experiences at MUBC, but my highlights include mixed squad fun-kit day at the end of Easter last year and BUCS regatta last summer. On committee this year, I aim to create a safe and enjoyable environment for athletes in all squads to excell.”

Contact: [email protected]

Wellbeing Officer: Elke de Vries

Contact: [email protected]

Social Secretary: Lauren Auchterlonie

“I’m a 3rd year Geography student. Starting rowing at uni was definitely the best choice I’ve made here, as I’ve met some amazing people along the way. As MUBC’s social sec, I want to maintain the fun and exciting atmosphere the club is known for, while also creating a safe space where everyone feels valued as a member. A personal highlight of mine was winning gold at BUCS regatta in the B2 4+ with Kitty, Georgia, and Frankie. I hope more medals are to come in the future! Aside from rowing, I’m currently training for the Student Fight Night in November where we’ll see if my boxing skills are any good…”

Contact: [email protected]

Senior Men’s Captain: Darioush Jalili

“My PhD is in Heat Transfer Rowing and I have 8 years rowing experience (a long time). There have been many highlights along the way, but 3 come to mind: my first win as a junior against a uni crew; making the HoRR first VIII in my first year at MUBC; and winning a race at Henley with some of my closest friends – then racing Brookes the next day (must have really exhausted them…). My aim is to build on the positive culture and competitive spirit which has gathered pace over the last year. Henley BBQ with 2 competing squads..?”

Contact: [email protected]

Senior Women’s Captain: Kitty Johnson

“I’m a Biomedical Science student who learnt to row with MUBC in 2019 during my first year of university. I’ve raced only a handful of times but they have included a single at BUCS regatta and in a 4+ at BUCS in which our crew won gold. I’d love to row at Henley one day; mostly so I can get one of those cool tops that say henley on them. My aims for the senior women’s squad this year is to get out competing as much as possible and to make all of the women into athletes that love working hard. Fun fact about me: I’m sell my art when I’m not at uni or rowing.”

Contact: [email protected]

Novice Men’s Captain: Charlie Jones

“I’m currently studying International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response at Manchester. I learnt to row last year at MUBC. My rowing highlight is watching Sam Collinson fall in the canal trying to get in a boat and then blaming it on Dan Watson. My ambitions are to get 8 best mates winning the Nov category at BUCS. My fun fact is that I’ve made bricks in three different countries.”

Contact: [email protected]

Novice Women’s Captain: Mia Hainsworth

“Hi! I’m Mia, I’m in my second year of uni studying Optometry. I have been rowing for a year since I started uni in 2020 where I joined the club to try something fun, athletic, and unique. My best moment from rowing is definitely my first competition at BUCS regatta which fuelled my love of rowing and thirst to continue rowing as a part of MUBC:) A fun fact about myself is that I love cheese (just not crumbly ones).”

Contact: [email protected]

Coxes’ Captain: Georgia Allison

“Hi everyone my name is Georgia and I’m the Coxes’ Captain for this year. I am in my third year of a medical degree at UoM and I’ve been rowing with MUBC the whole time I’ve been here, starting as a novice in my first year. My aim for this year is to increase cox recruitment and make sure that coxes are a priority to the club. I’ve taken a slight step back in terms of my training at the boat club due to workload but I’m sure I’ll still see you around! A fun fact about me is that I know how to fly and I’ve flown a plane alone before.”

Contact: [email protected]

Recreational Rowing Officer: Chloe Coomasaru

“I’m studying Neuroscience in my third and final year. I used to row when I was a junior but had a break for a bit and knew I wanted to join at uni. It’s been the best decision I have made! I have both rowed and coxed during my last 2 years and have met so many wonderful people! Coxing the girls to a gold at BUCS Regatta 2021 has defo made it as a highlight! As Recreational Captain this year I want to make sure everyone really enjoys all their outings mixing up the boats and crews and remind people how much fun rowing is! Fun fact: I got 2nd best smile in my year 11 awards.”

Contact: [email protected]