Freshers’ Week 2021

UoM Sport’s Fair

Unexpected flooding on Oxford Road meant that the Sport’s Fair this year was suddenly moved to the Armitage Sports Centre in Fallowfield. And yet despite this disruption, MUBC managed to speak to more people than ever as thousands of students, old and new, poured in past the now iconic club gazebo pitched right at the entrance.

On hand were MUBC’s commitee members, kindly joined by the GB Start programme guys as well as current olympic rowing legend Graeme Thomas. Together they welcomed more students than ever before, both previous rowers and beginners, to the club. Once again a massive thank you to all who came down and to UoM Sport for hosting! It was great to see so many new faces, many of which the club would later see at the beginner taster sessions.

Beginner Taster Sessions

On the Saturday and Sunday, the club’s prospective novices experienced what rowing in an actual boat feels like for the first time. The nerves and excitement were brewing. With the help of as many senior members as possible, it was ensured everyone had a fun and safe time. Once again GB Start were on hand to help, providing insightful testing on some of the beginners and offering the prospect to train as a future Olympic rower. Thank you to everyone who helped out and a massive shout out to all of the club’s prospective members, you guys were great!