Committee 2019/2020

Executive Committee

President – Miles McEwan

Degree- Material science and Engineering.

Rowing history- Miles joined MUBC in 2016, having learnt to row at Bedford Modern School in 2011. Whilst his rowing performance peaked at 16 when he medalled at the National Schools’ Regatta, Miles is a veteran at the club with this being his third year on the committee.

Interesting fact- After picking up Runescape in late 2018, I quickly became one of the UK’s top players featuring in regional and national tournaments regularly.

Treasurer – Freddie Barnes

Degree- Physics

Rowing history- Freddie started rowing at school in 2014 and his home club is Cantabrigan rowing club. After joining MUBC in 2017 he was social sec last year and has regularly competed in the senior mens squad, including the 31 mile Boston marathon race this September.

Interesting fact- I have been interviewed on Ethiopian television.

Secretary – Matthew Layton

Degree- PhD in regenerative medicine

Rowing History- Matt learnt to row in 2014 at Imperial College London where he did his undergraduate degree, he then joined MUBC last year when he moved to Manchester to complete his PhD.

Interesting fact- I am currently researching how to utilise 3D bioprinting to help repair nerve injuries.

Squad Captains

Performance captain – Felix Rummel

Degree- PhD in computational chemistry

Rowing history- Felix learnt to row at MUBC in 2015, he has raced in several Henley campaigns, competed (and won) in many races nationally and has been invited to GB assessment.

Interesting fact- I have taken my erg on road trips.

Senior women’s captain – Rebecca Meenagh

Degree- English Language

Rowing history- Rebecca learnt to row at Band rowing club in Northern Ireland and was the J18 4- Irish champion in 2015. After quitting for a few years she joined MUBC when she moved to Manchester for university.

Interesting fact- I am vegan, is that interesting?

Senior men’s co-captain – Ben Curtis

Degree- Aerospace engineering

Rowing History- Ben started coastal rowing 6 years ago and learnt to sweep 3 years ago, Continuing when he joined the university.

Interesting fact- I once accidentally won a rowing medal for Canada at the world coastal rowing championships

Senior men’s co-captain – Darioush Jalili

Degree- Mechanical engineering

Rowing history- Darioush learnt to row 6 years ago at Moseley rowing club and has been a dedicated member of MUBC since he joined 2 years ago.

Interesting fact- I am a monster powerlifter, nick named the Iranian hulk

Novice women’s co-captain – Leonie Horwood

Degree- Geography

Rowing history- Leonie learnt to row in the novice women’s squad last year, after quickly taking to the sport, she stroked the first eight for second semester and had two wins at Trafford head and North of England Head of the River last year.

Interesting fact- I am a twin and he is one minute younger than me

Novice women’s co-captain- Emma Hunt

Degree- Fashion marketing

Rowing history- Emma learnt to row last year in the novice squad, sitting in the top women’s boat throughout last year, and she competed at all major races including BUCS head and BUCS regatta.

Interesting fact- I have a twin sister

Novice men’s co- captain – Harry Cuffe

Degree- Maths

Rowing history- Harry learnt to row at the club as a novice in his first year, he has consistently rowed in the first mens 8, and has competed at Henley twice during his time at the club.

Interesting fact- I’m not interesting but here is my instagram handle @harryecuffe

Novice men’s co-captain- Lewis Renwick

Degree- History and Economics

Rowing history- Lewis learnt to row three years ago at the club and has raced inconsistently since. He is keen this year to increase mass participation in the novice squad and maintain two 8+ novice boats throughout the year.

Interesting fact- I once came second in a regional Star Wars trivia quiz

Cox’s co-captain – Anna Scott

Degree- International disaster management and humanitarian response

Rowing history- Anna learnt to row last year in the novice squad and started to cox in second semester. She raced in several head races and BUCS regatta, and is looking forward to training our members to cox our crews to victory this year.

Interesting fact- My heart beat sounds like the drum riff that is played after the punch line of a joke.

Cox’s co-captain – Emma Leverton

Degree- Child nursing

Rowing history- Emma joined the coxing squad at MUBC in 2017. Her coxing journey started in year 9 at school, this will be Emma’s second year of being cox’s captain, helping to develop and coach all cox’s old and new.

Interesting fact- I was born in South Africa

Auxiliary committee

PR secretary – Caitlin Andrews

Degree- Biology.

Rowing history- Caitlin learnt to row last year with the novice squad, unfortunately she missed out on racing at BUCS due to injury but hopes to improve and compete fully this coming year.

Interesting fact- I was national champion in marathon kayaking for two years when I was a junior.

Social secretary – Stan Schofield

Degree- Medicine

Rowing history- Stan learnt to row at school where he won several races in regattas across the country, he continued at MUBC when he came to Manchester and has been an integral member of the senior squad since.

Interesting fact- I have a three legged dog that competes in dog shows.

Social secretary – Morgan Ecott

Degree- Law LLB

Rowing history- Morgan learnt to row as a novice and quickly made it into the seniors first eight. He rowed at all major event last year including BUCS and Marlow and Henley Royal regatta qualifiers.

Interesting fact- I take fancy dress for Wednesday socials very seriously.

Wellbeing officer- Miara Pipe

Degree- Economics and politics

Rowing history- Miara started rowing last year in the novice squad during her semester abroad. She missed rowing so much when she returned to the States she came back to Manchester row with MUBC (and finish her degree).

Interesting fact- I once got stung in the face by a jellyfish whilst snorkelling in Hawaii.

Fundraising secretary- Anna Webster

Degree- Pharmacy

Rowing history- Anna started rowing with the novice squad last year, she was consistently a member of the first eight racing at all of the major competitions including BUCS head and regatta.

Interesting fact- I was born on my due date which is the only time I have been on time in my life.

Fundraising secretary- Eve O’Reilly

Degree- Medical physiology

Rowing history- Eve learnt to row last year with the novice squad, a highlight for her was getting to race in the 8+ at BUCS regatta last year.

Interesting fact- I am literally scarred for life after a night out when I broke my elbow so badly falling down the nightclub stairs I had to get it operated on.

Training camp secretary- Electra O’Riordan

Degree- Geography

Rowing history- Electra rowed in her nov year, however unfortunately after injuring her knee on a year abroad in Australia she will not be rowing this year but is remaining an integral part of the club.

Interesting fact- When I was in Australia I had a ‘near death’ experience with a sea lion.

Health and safety officer- Adam Schroeder

Degree- History

Rowing history- Adam learnt to sweep in his novice year however he had learnt to scull a number of years prior at school and has enjoyed picking the sport up again at university.

Interesting fact- I can introduce my self in sign language

Participation officer – Aimee Sullivan

Degree- History and Spanish

Rowing History- Aimee started rowing with us in the novice squad last year sitting at bow throughout and she enjoyed competing at all major races including our winning boats at Trafford and north of England head. Aimee is also a dab hand at coxing, something she is continuing along with the rowing this year.

Interesting fact- My ex boyfriend was Nick Clegg’s nephew and I went on holiday with him to the Isle of White.

Participation officer – Mima Stanhope

Degree- Child nursing

Rowing history- Mima started rowing last year with the novice women’s squad, after stroking the first boat for first semester she competed at many Head races throughout the season. Particular highlights for Mima were winning Trafford Head and going to camp in Portugal.

Interesting fact- I am half Canadian

Participation officer – Tom Bobrowski

Degree- Physics.

Rowing history- Tom learnt to row with us last year in the novice men’s squad, he developed very quickly and sat in the senior mens top eight by the beginning of semester 2 gaining him self a seat in the mens 8+ at Marlow regatta and Henley Royal regatta qualifiers.

Interesting fact- As far as I know, there is nothing interesting about me.