Race Reports

Trafford Head 2019

The first head race of our 2019 season was held on our home stretch of water. Trafford Head took place on the 24th February and proved to be a successful race for all squads that took part.

Our resident single sculler Felix Rummel was the first to race and won Op 1x Band 1 by 30 seconds.  Our Senior Men’s first 8+ also had a great race finishing first in Op 8+ Band, the second 8+ finishing 3rd in the same band.  The double of Francis Heylen and Felix Rummel put in another great performance winning Op 2x.

Felix Rummel

The Novice Men’s first 8+ also had a great race winning Op 8+ Band 2, with the second 8+ finishing 2nd. The Novice Men’s 4+ also raced well finishing 2nd behind Trafford in Op 4+. The second 4+ finished behind them, coming 3rd.

The Novice Women’s 8+ had a great race winning W 8+ Band 2, with a time that beat the crew that came second in Band 1. The second Women’s 8+ came 2nd finishing 30 seconds behind the first boat. The Novice Women’s 4+ had a difficult race, but finished 2nd in W 4+.

Novice Women’s 8+

With 5 wins, it proved to be a great success for all squads involved.

We would like to thank Trafford Rowing Club for organising a great event, and everyone from MUBC involved in enabling us to race.