Race Reports

North of England Head of the River 2019

After a disappointing BUCS Head, we looked forward to North of England Head of the River Race and hoped we would see an improvement. The race on the 23rd March was threatened by high waters, but with only the cancellation of some junior races, we were luckily allowed to race.

All crews raced in the second division. We had four 8+ racing, unfortunately due to availability, our Senior Women’s squad were unable to enter an 8+.

The first to race were the Senior Men and Novice Men’s squads. The first men’s 8+ finished 2nd in Band 3 of Op 8+. The second Senior Men’s 8+ (made up of seniors and novices) finished 6th in the same band. The Novice Men finished 5th in Band 4 just behind Liverpool’s Novice men.

The Novice Women’s 8+ had a fantastic race-winning W 8+ Band 3 by 10 seconds over Liverpool who beat them by over 50 seconds at BUCS Head. We would like to thank Jeff Hunt for all the time and effort he has put in to developing the Novice Women’s squad, as well as congratulate the Novice Women for all the hard work they have put in, as it has most definitely paid off!