Race Reports

Agecroft Head 2018

On Saturday 15th October Manchester University Boat Club battled Storm Callum at Agecroft Head. Despite the winds, the club got off to a great start in the first race of the season.

Felix Rummel M1x

The first boat to race was Felix Rummel in the men’s single, he successfully dodged a floating fridge and won Band 2 of the singles category. The second boat to race in the first division was our President Emelia Cole and Rosa Thompson in the women’s double. They put in a strong performance winning Band 1.

W2x: Emelia Cole and Rosa Thompson

Straight after his win in Division 1, Felix raced in the men’s double with Senior Men’s Captain Francis Heylen. They smashed their race finishing a minute ahead of the rest of their category.

4+: Alex Davies, Harry Dalrymple, Matt Layton, Ghazn Khan, Ruby Jordan

Due to the storm, the distance for Division 3 was shortened to 2500m. The club had 3 boats racing in this category, two men’s 4+ and a 4x. The men took home the win in their 4+ category with the 4x and second 4+ both coming 3rd in their respective categories.

Ghazn Khan, Matt Layton, Ruby Jordan, Harry Dalrymple, Alex Davies

Unfortunately, the conditions worsened leading to the final division being cancelled, this meant the majority of the senior women’s squad were unable to race. This didn’t stop an Agecroft 8+ (containing MUBC Alumni) racing an Agecroft/Leander 4x containing Manchester Alumnus and GB rower Graeme Thomas. It was a great end to the day with a close sprint race, the 4x taking the 8+ in the last 10 strokes.

The club would like to say a big thank you to Agecroft for lending us their towing vehicle and also putting on yet another great race despite the conditions. We would also like to thank our coach, John Impey, and everyone else involved in organising our participation in the event.
Full Results
W2x (Band 1) – 1st (12:16.6)
M1x (Band 2) – 1st (12:14.1)
M2x (Band 2) – 1st (11:48.1)
M4+ (A) (Band 2) – 1st (9:26.9)
M4+ (B) (Band 2) – 3rd (10:12.3)
M4x – 3rd (9:32.8)