2017/18 Summary

As President of MUBC for the 2017/18 season, and my third and final year as a member of the committee, I am both proud of the progress made this year and excited for the future ahead. A summary of our results this year explains why.

With Agecroft Head becoming an annual fixture, the club medalled in 2 categories whilst fielding crews in each event. This was combined with a very successful training day organised and led by Nemesis members, kicking off the season with constructive coaching and a positive mindset. Novice Race Day has taken a step up in the world, and is now a BUCS endorsed event thanks to LUBC. This makes it a bigger and better experience for the novices, giving them a real taste of the joys of racing. Despite falling in reading week, we fielded a strong contingent for BUCS indoors, gaining medals in both Novice and Senior Men’s and Women’s categories. MUBC are hoping to host the event this year to get both better exposure for rowing in Manchester, and more support from the AU.

In an aim to diversify the rowing we offer, an increasing number of sculling boats have taken to the water this year. MUBC veteran Kat Hunt and crewmate Ruth Haigh competed at Northwich Head this year, winning their category. York Small Boats Head saw 3 sculling crews (alongside 5 sweep crews) competing, two of which won their categories. , BUCS Head and the Head of the River Races were a strong finish to the winter race season with improvements made on last years results across the board. BUCS regatta again saw a strong sculling contingent, with two novice sculls for the first time to make up a total of 6 sculling boats racing for MUBC. Again, improvements were made on previous year’s results in all categories. HWR saw a fantastic result from our Senior Women, qualifying in a new discipline. The new competition structure created the possibility to race the 4-, and with careful analysis of competitors throughout the year this made them confident of their decision.

Finally Marlow and HRR – whilst missing out on qualification again, the crew improved on the times gained at both races over last year, a testament to their hard work. As so happens every few years, the club will be losing a lot of it’s senior members as they graduate and move on in the world. However, with a bigger and more cohesive committee structure in place – bringing back roles such as Performance Captain and introducing Participation Officers – the club is more prepared than ever to invest all the time and resources available into growing the club to exceed where it has been before.

Thanks to events like the Nemesis training day, and increased awareness of the knowledge and support that our alumni are able to offer, the club is in a good position to use this resource to further aid development. Whilst we have struggled for funding from the University this year, our Head Coach John Impey has gone above and beyond his call of duty to ensure the fleet and associated equipment are all in working order, whilst also using his wide rowing network to secure a 4+ for novice training, and 2 sets of blades. The club owes its success this year to his fantastic work. Given this, the club is more aware than ever that it must be taken into its own hands to reach the level we aspire to.

I am sad to be leaving at such an exciting time, but know that I have handed the club to a very capable committee, all united in the desire to get bigger and better. I wish them all the best of luck in their endeavours this year, and thank all club members for making my final year such a pleasure.

Emily Harding – MUBC President 2017-2018