Committee 2016/17

Executive Committee 

Thomas Davies


Tom began rowing when he first came to Manchester in September 2014 and quickly became a prominent member of the men’s novice squad. In 2015/16 he spent many an hour trying desperately to make something of the new intake. The jury is still out on whether he was successful.

Tom has completed his rise to power in his third year at Manchester. He can usually be found either tinkering with boats at the boat house or on the banks of the Bridgewater canal coaching. It is even rumoured that he will do some rowing himself this year… 

 Oliver Collinson

Performance Captain

It only takes one look to know that this ex-Leander rower is the perfect performance captain to lead MUBC’s development this year.

Having joined the club two years ago Oliver has been a consistent member of the first men’s VIII that pre-qualified for Henley Royal Regatta last year. With so many years of rowing experience before coming to MUBC, Oliver hopes to use his knowledge to develop future Manchester talent.

Emily Harding


Emily has also risen through the ranks of MUBC. She joined the club as a novice in 2014 and quickly made her way to the top women’s boat. Emily took this experience into her role as novice vice-captain last year and played a pivotal role in the success of the squad, whilst also being a member of the top women’s 4+.

However, throughout the year it was evident her sights were set on managing the club from the top. Her organisation of the club as a whole and incredible spreadsheet making meant she was the obvious choice for secretary.
This year Emily aims to enter MUBC into all key races, including WEHORR. 

 David Bentham


David ‘ravey dave’ Bentham is the club’s treasurer for the 2016/17 season. Alongside tackling the great Russian Bear and the renowned jungle that is Fallowfield, Dave has been ‘rowing’ for over three years now.

Following his time as captain of the 2014/15 novice men’s squad, it was decided that he would be better suited to a role behind the scenes, where nobody would be subject to his infamously long speeches. There is no doubt however, his international experience and shrewd business mind make him an asset to the executive committee.


Emelia Cole

Senior Women’s Captain

Emelia first joined MUBC in 2015, but has been rowing for many years before coming to Manchester. As a junior Emelia has rowed for GB, competing in the GB V France match and this year represented England in the International Home Regatta. As a member of MUBC Emelia has had great success as a member of the 1st Women’s 4+ that went on to reach the semi-finals of Henley Women’s Regatta in 2016.

Even before her successful election to become senior women’s captain, Emelia has been a hugely valuable asset when it comes to coaching and has regularly been seen coaching novice crews throughout the year.

Emelia’s experience makes her the perfect captain to coach the women’s squad to continued success.

William Bland 

Senior Men’s Captain

Will joined MUBC as a novice rower in 2014 and has quickly risen through the ranks during his years at Manchester. Last year Will played an important role in the success of the novice men’s squad as vice-captain. Through this he played and an important part in squad selection, training programmes and coaching, spending many an early morning coaching along the Bridgewater.

Will hopes to use his experience with the club to help develop the men’s squad this academic year.

 Emily Young

Coxes Captain

Emily Young is in charge of organising the club’s cohort of coxswains.

A year after starting her own journey with the club, she hopes to sign up as many little people as she can find so that they can cox the other squads while she stays with her beloved novice men.

Emily quickly rose through the ranks in her novice year, coxing the infamous Tideway very successfully and hitting no buoys whatsoever. One of the crew involved in the race is reported to have said “I would trust her with any boat on any stretch of water after that.” 

Sophie Yelland 

Novice Women’s Captain

Sophie first joined MUBC as a novice last year and quickly took the stroke seat of the top novice women’s boat. Sitting at stroke Sophie led her crew to all major races including BUCS Regatta and Henley Women’s Regatta.

This year Sophie will leas the Novice Women’s Squad as captain. Having mastered all things Manchester, from rowing to nights out, Sophie hopes to impart all her wisdom onto this years squad.

Seb Cheetham

Novice Men’s Captain

Seb joined the boat club in September 2015 as a member of the novice men’s squad and quickly became a firm member of the top novice men’s boat. One of the keenest novices to take to the Bridgewater, Seb quickly developed deep emotional feelings for the stroke seat. When not stroking boats, he prefers instead to stroke coxes.

He makes big claims for his year in charge, including making sure that his novices do not capsize, and breaking the Manchester curse of missing out on top 12 at BUCS Regatta. Will his squad stay dry? Will they improve on last year? Only time will tell…

Auxiliary Committee

Alice Peachey and Klara Paro

Novice Women’s Vice Captains

She may be short but bow queen Alice is one of this year’s novice women’s vice-captains. The title has derived from her excellent abilities to pull at bow (in more ways than one!), this earns her a rightful place on this years committee. Alice joined the club in September 2015 as a novice and made great progress as part of the winning crew at Runcorn Head and took 8th place in the 4+ at BUCS Regatta. Her experience as a novice leaves her in great stead to help lead this year’s novice women’s squad.

Unlike what may have been seen at club socials, Klara is a very “responsible” novice women’s vice-captain. Klara also joined MUBC in September 2015 as a novice, becoming a consistent member of the 2nd VIII. Klara brings great fun, camaraderie and laughs to the squad and will bring this forward to the 2016/17 cohort. 

Matt Berrill and Brad Harris

Novice Men’s Vice-Captains

It is rumoured that the novice men’s squad will have two vice-captains this year… The first of these mysterious figures is Matt Berrill. Having joined as a novice last year, Matt thrived on the physical challenges presented by the sport. He has promised to do more than Will Bland ever did, and looks set to achieve this by just being there.

The other half of this dynamic duo is Bradley Harris. It is said that the only reason half of the novice women stayed in the club last year is because of his biceps alone, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the good job their captains did… Inspired by one of his own novice vice-captains, Brad ‘Finch’ Harris has promised to ‘come down for a session or two’ throughout the year. He hopes to watch Matt and Seb bring up the next generation of MUBC.

Lizzie Davidson

PR&Fundraising Secretary

Part of the lesser-known Enfield Mafia, Lizzie is the club’s original cockney gangster – in fact this isn’t the first mug-shot she’s had taken… She hopes to raise lots of money for the club, and denies any allegation that any of these funds will be from illegal activity. Though some are convinced that all she has to do is post pictures on social media from time to time, Liz is quick to remind everyone that posting the same things four times is very hard work.

 Oliver Hepple and Phil Blenkinsop

Social Secretaries

The role of social secretary is a sacred one. It is the position which determines how successfully new members integrate, and how current ones enjoy themselves. One has to wonder then why such an important responsibility was bestowed upon the likes of Phil and Ollie.

Oliver and Phil started at the club together last year, and quickly excelled at being the life and soul of the novice cohort at the club’s regular socials. Phil has promised to use his abnormal height to ensure that he keeps an eye on everyone on nights out – “nobody will get away with not having a drink in their hand” he once said. After many failed attempts to win the favour of his captain last year, Oliver settled for one of the novice women instead and hopes to use this experience to oversee the well-being of all new arrivals this year.

Last year’s social sec left big shoes to fill, but with two of them doing probably the most straightforward role, even these two can’t balls it up… Surely? 

Jenny Capel 

Training Camp Secretary

Our very own self-proclaimed ‘First Lady’ of MUBC is this year’s training camp secretary. Jenny joined the boat club last year as a coxswain and went on to cox the Women’s 4+ to the Semi-finals at Henley Women’s Regatta. On last year’s camp Jenny helped cox multiple crews whilst also working with the coaching team and squad captains. She is also a keen traveller, and this experience is excellent preparation to organise this year’s training camp.

 Kat Hunt, Felix Rummel and Alix Hall


Daughter of legendary boatman Aidan Hunt, Kat has learnt the ways of boat maintenance and repair through many years of his teachings. When not studying for her degree, you will find Kat at our boathouse repairing one of the shells that the novice women’s squad inevitably put a hole in. Either that or enjoying the social scene that the city has to offer.

She is joined this year by two apprentices by the names of Felix and Alix. They have pledged their souls to the ancient art of boatmanship and hope to benefit from being in the company of a Hunt as they fight the uphill struggle of trying to maintain the club’s fleet.