15/16 Women’s Squad

The senior women’s squad’s season started off well in October, with 2 coxed fours being entered into Runcorn Autumn Head IM2 category, which came first and second. At Four’s Head, an IM1 coxed four and IM2 coxed four were entered placing 12th and 24th in their respective categories, the crews battling through a relentless headwind for the duration of the course.

Moving into the new year, BUCS Head, which took place in Newcastle, also exhibited very difficult racing conditions. The IM 8+ came 10th out of 33, while the IM 4+ came 12th out of 28. Due to an administrative error we were unable to race at WeHoRR.

Following a mixed head season we kicked off the regatta season with  a very successful training camp at Temple-sur-Lot during the Easter break propelled us into a more successful regatta season.

Results from BUCS regatta showed improvements since BUCS Head, as the IM 8+ finished 11th out of 41, coming 5th in the B Final, and the IM 4+ finished 9th out of 65, coming 3rd in the B Final and rising 3 ranks since the Head.

Reading Regatta provided us with a run through for the HWR crews – a top 4+ and an 8+ made up of novices who had joined MUBC and the sport in September. The 4+ raced on Saturday in the Senior category and received two byes straight to the final, where we were knocked out by a top class University of London crew.

On Sunday however, the 4+ succeeded over Barnes Bridge Ladies and Merrimack College, USA, to win the IM2 category, which was followed by a necessary dunking of the cox in the Thames.

It is clear that commendable improvements and changes have been made in the senior women’s squad throughout the year, and the results have recently been looking promising with HWR just around the corner.