Race Reports

Runcorn Head 2015

On the 21st March, MUBC travelled just outside Liverpool for Runcorn’s Spring Eight’s Head. The biggest shock of the day was to arrive to beautiful sunshine rather than the perpetual rain that has cursed the race in previous years. The event itself takes place on the River Weaver in Clifton and is infamous for its tight bends, as such, it is one of the most challenging courses that the MUBC coxes will face.

Thanks to some hasty rigging and help from the boatmen, we managed to get all the boats ready for division one in time. Although some windy conditions made marshalling the boats before the race a bit of a challenge, division one proved to be the start of a successful day for M.U.B.C.  Congratulations must be given to the IM2. 8+ and the women’s IM3. 4+ for their terrific wins. A strong result also came from the women’s IM3. 4- and women’s IM3. 4+ who came second in their respective categories. The novice men’s 4+ put forward a sterling effort to come fifth in their category, which provided a brilliant learning curve for them as new comers to the sport. The IM3. 8+ also placed fifth, two places higher than their position last year. Unfortunately, the inevitable challenge of collisions that head races pose led to a disqualification for the novice women’s 8+, though their attitude of sportsmanship should be commended.

Division two provided another victory for MUBC at the hands of the men’s IM2. 4+, defending their title from 2014.The women’s IM3. 8+ placed fifth whilst the men’s IM2. 4+, women’s IM2. 8+ and novice men’s 8+ all placed third in their category. An uncontested MUBC IM2. 4- crew also took to the water, completing the course in 22:24.1. Overall, it was a highly successful day in Runcorn for M.U.B.C. It was a quiet coach journey home, all that was to be heard was the well-deserved chink of medals and snores from rowers and coxes alike!