Race Reports

Runcorn Small Boats Head 2014

On the 4th of October with the top of the squads winning pennants at pairs head, 27 members of MUBC headed to Runcorn in order to compete in the Runcorn Autumn head race.

The girls were up first thing in the morning and having trained on the Runcorn River before in previous years the course was not a problem. What the girls were not prepared for was the weather. Rain was pouring from the early hours of the morning and the wind was strong enough to knock the boats from their trestles. However, with new and returning seniors racing the crews had their briefings and prepared themselves for the headwind that they were about to endure.

After an extremely challenging race and having had little time to train as in their crews, the IM3 4+ won and took home a set of medal, the IM2 4+ placed second and the quad placed 4th.

In the afternoon it was time for the boys to take on the headwind, which continued to stiffen through the day. Racing for the men was an IM1 and two IM3 coxed fours. With a steady paddle up to the start line, the boys got into their rhythm and learnt how to deal with the conditions. After a long wait at the start sizing up their opposition, the race began.

Our heavyweight IM3 4+ had an impressive start, overtaking a total of five boats and pushing through the wind throughout the whole course. Having not raced very long as a crew at all, the boys did amazingly well and picked up medals for 1st in their category and 5th overall.

Our lightweight IM3 4+ had an encouraging start overtaking two boats; however after losing their rhythm to an impressive gust of wind the boys had to pick it up mid-course and eventually placed third in their category and 16th overall.

The IM1 coxed four quickly pulled away from their sole opposition and made quick work of the J18 4+ ahead of them, then pushed through the IM3 4x, and where able to squeeze past the Grosvenor 4x on the finish. Even after around 10 scalps over the 4.5km course, it was still a surprise when the results came out, with the IM1 coxed four taking home the headship and tankards for “fastest men’s crew”.