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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need past rowing experience?

Not at all! Every year we welcome over 100 members who are complete rowing novices. We will teach you all the basics by the time regatta season hits in spring: just in time for you to race your heart out!


I’ve heard rowing is for tall people.  I’m short.  Can I still row?

YES!  The great thing about rowing is that the entire boat crosses the finish line together no matter what size the rowers are.  You can be any size and still row well.  Smaller rowers often have more heart and drive than taller ones!  If you are really small, we have a special job for you.  The “coxswain” is the brains of the crew.  He or she steers the boat and verbally guides the rowers through the work out or race.  The coxswain is an essential part of any crew and often makes the difference in a successful practice or race.


When does MUBC train?

This depends on your squad as Women and Men train separately, as do Novices and Seniors until later in the year. But generally:

  • Water sessions are on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  • Erg sessions are mostly in the evening: Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays – timings depend on the squad.
  • Weights are also in the evening on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays – timings again depends on the squad.
  • Running up to races additional training may be organised, we are a club with many keen beans who love to exercise so you’ll always find a training buddy!
  • For the first time this year we are running Yoga sessions on Friday evenings to stretch and relax a little. All squad members are welcome, bring your own yoga mat.


Where is the Boat house/ Weights/ Erg Room, and how can I get there?

Please click here for directions to all places we train.


What should I wear during training?

Indoor training just requires regular gym kit, when we all train hard it does get warm in the erg room. In contrast, it can be wet and cold on the water, we are in Manchester after all. So take a look at our Rowing handbook to pack everything you’ll need before your session. You can download it HERE (clothing is p.16).

Once per semester, we will have a club kit order. You can then buy MUBC racing gear and lots of other kit.


Who can I contact if I want to join or I have a question?

If you’re new to rowing, your captains are Celine Vine (women) and Seb Baylis (men), you can find out more about them and the rest of the committee here.


What’s MUBC social scene like?

Most Wednesdays the rowing club heads to the Athletic Union’s socials along with all the other AU sports which takes place at Revolutions in Fallowfield. Our social secs also organise some more relax club activities such as bowling, mini golf and curry nights to bond our squads together. All the information will be posted by our Social secs on the Facebook pages.


How do I get put into a crew?

Your squad’s captain organise water outings by looking on the availability spreadsheets. These can be found as a pinned post on your Facebook group.

If you don’t fill out your availability, you won’t get put in a boat, so please fill it out and keep it up to date with any changes.


How often do I get to race?

The Novice Team will race at 2-4 head races in the autumn and winter and 3-5 regattas in the spring and summer, depending on the schedule.  The most important of these are: BUCS Head, (Women’s) Head of the River, BUCS Regatta, Reading Amateur Regatta and Henley. Your participation in these depends on your motivation, availability, technique and physical condition.


My friends who row always talk about their erg score.  What is that?

The “erg”, slang for ergometer, is and indoor rowing machine.  We use this machine for conditioning and fitness testing.  The standard evaluation in rowing is the 2,000-meter erg test.  Because it is standardised, like an SAT score, athletes around the world can gauge how fast they are relative to their teammates and competitors.  We do frequent testing at MUBC so if you do not have erg score yet, you will soon!

More information about Training on the Ergonometer here. (Article by Sport Fitness Advisor)

How much does it cost and how can I pay?

Trial membership for novices (1 month) is £30. Full membership is an additional £110. Seniors automatically pay the full membership of £140. All rowing related payments are to be made to our club account.

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Our club treasurer, will announce when fees are due well in advance. Please be sure to pay on time as there will be late payment fees otherwise. The treasurer will also indicate what payment reference should be used – please label your payment correctly.