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We welcome any donations to the club.

The club has significant expenses each year to ensure it remains competitive at the highest level of University rowing. Future donations will be invested in: coaching, equipment and boat maintenance.

We will be organising a 24h Row in October 2018 to raise funds for coaching on camp and 50% of funds raised with go to FOP Friends, the charity we support.

If you are interested in making a contribution to the club, please send an email to George Crowder, our fundraising secretary, at

MUBC has chosen to partner with FOP Friends for fundraising events this year. We have previously worked with Sparks, a charity that raises money to fund pioneering child health research across the UK. FOP Friends are one of the organisations that benefit from Sparks’ work, so we are cutting out the middle man and fundraising directly with and for them.

FOP Friends’ aim is to further research into Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) and related conditions by supporting current and future research projects.

In 2009, Chris and Helen Bedford-Gay received the news that their first son, Oliver, who was then just one, had been born with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP). Following Oliver’s diagnosis, they began researching the condition to find that FOP was such a rare disease that there was no charity in the UK dedicated to raising money for research into treatments and hopefully a cure.

Along with family and friends, they hosted multiple fundraising events to support research for a cure and raise awareness of FOP. However, they encountered many barriers to accessing further help and funding from companies and organisations. They took the decision to become a fully registered charity, and happily received full charitable status in 2012, starting off as Friends of Oliver.

Since then they have continued to grow support both locally, nationally and internationally. In 2014 Friends of Oliver became FOP Friends to reflect the growing number of UK families who lend their time and talents to supporting our cause.

FOP researchers are close to major breakthroughs in treatment and even a possible cure. This will impact the lives of many, as FOP research has potential applications to Osteoperosis, Arthritis, Hetrotopic Ossifications (a major complication in sport and military injuries and hip replacement surgeries), and other bone and muscle disorders. Donations and fundraising are the difference between research continuing and it stopping completely.

Like MUBC, FOP Friends are not a big organisation, and are not funded by government or big business. We believe that by staying local, we can work closely together to maximise our efforts; FOP Friends have a loyal network of supporters and international reach, so MUBC hope to benefit from these resources; MUBC are s a big group of enthusiastic fundraisers, which will give FOP Friends a new avenue for fundraising without the effort of having to organise it themselves.

You can read more about FOP and the work of the charity by visiting their website.