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Henley Women’s Regatta – A Novice Perspective

Just one week after Reading regatta, following another intense week and final preparations, the event that we had been building up to all season had arrived- it was Henley Women’s weekend! Two women’s eights loaded the boats on to a packed trailer we were sharing with Agecroft, Liverpool Vics and…

Reading Regatta – Men’s Squad

With exams finally over, Henley preparations were in full swing for both the men and the women’s squads. The first post-exams regatta on the schedule was to take place in reading in a head-to-head situation. This year the men’s squad were able to assemble three boats together consisting of two…

Reading Regatta – A novice perspective

With exams finally over, we packed the car for the now all too familiar journey down south. Our destination this time, Reading regatta. In the weeks leading up to this training intensity had increased and crew selection had, and still was being debated, all in preparation for the season finale…