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Beginnings of the “Two Cities Boat Race”

There have been claims that MUBC first entered Henley Royal Regatta in 1966, but it seems at least possible that this was not the first entry – further research is needed.  But what is certain is that the first annual “Two Cities Boat Race” versus Salford University was instituted in…

Bridgewater canal

Move to the Bridgewater Canal

Plans were developed after the War for a new boathouse next door to Agecroft.  Unfortunately these were shelved in 1949, since the development of the Wythenshawe grounds required all available funds in hard times.  However on back of this disappointment, new plans were put in place for a move to…

lowry agecroft regatta

Inter-War student rowing in Manchester

A long hiatus followed the collapse of the first MUBC in 1909, not least due to the First World War.  The War also killed off a number of the Manchester rowing clubs, including Nemesis, which folded in 1920.  However a meeting early in 1932 decided to try again, and accordingly the…


Pre-War Years

Student rowing at Manchester predates the University, with the first reference being a senior coxed-fours race in 1862 between Owens College and the “Laboratory” (possibly the then new Physical Laboratory), over 1 mile was instituted on the river Irwell below Quay street.  It is thought likely that the crews boated…