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Annual MUBC-Nemesis Ball

Welcome Freshers!

You’ve got your results, got into Manchester, and are wondering what you can do to make your time here the best you can? The answer: JOIN THE BOAT CLUB! The easiest way to get involved, even if you’re just vaguely interested in MUBC, is to join the relevant facebook group,…


How do I do that?

The easiest way to get involved is to join one of the Facebook groups. If you have little or no experience within the sport join one of our novice pages. If you have rowed before please join the corresponding senior pages. Coxing is the girl on the left with the best…


Seems a bit keen for me…

Don’t sweat. If you’d rather wait until you’re here that’s fine too. Come visit us at the sport fair on the 22nd of September in the Manchester Academy. We can’t wait to meet you. To find out more check out the rest of our website.

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Help us win £5000

Help us to win the Spotify Sound Clash competition by giving our playlist a follow and sharing it with your friends and family! If we have the most followers by the end of the competition we will win £5000! How to get Involved: Follow the playlist on Spotify! (If you…


BUCS Indoors Race Report

Clubs Involved: Manchester University Boat Club (MUBC), Liverpool University, Salford University, Bangor University, Keele University, Lancaster University (The event is open to the universities in the North West. The following weekend the same event takes place in the south for Universities there. It is organised by British Rowing) What we…

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MUBC’s Indoor Rowing Sprints

On the 22nd of November MUBC are hosting it’s first Indoor Rowing Sprints. The idea is simple, 250 m, two practice attempts to get you warmed up and used to the rowing machine, one race and one winner. There will be prizes of a crate of beer for the fastest…


Missed Us?

If you didn’t get to see us at the sport fair or didn’t have the time to get to a taster session at the weekend, then don’t worry! If you join the FB groups below you’ll be able to find all the information you need to get involved.

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